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West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy 

Though our country is moving, albeit slowly, towards acceptance and understanding, it is still challenging for same sex couples in West Hollywood to observe the same respect and recognition that heterosexual couples experience. That is why Dr. Jennifer Oeding, PhD found a need to provide professional West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy to those that seek an elevated level of counseling without being treated differently.

All couples face the same basic issues and some need assistance navigating the difficulties in their relationships. West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy is designed to provide quality care to those that want to be treated as any contemporary couple in a modern society. We offer exceptional care, and do so in a way that provides constructive and creative solutions to those in same sex couple relationships.

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Maintaining a healthy same sex relationship is difficult for many reasons

From the feeling of “minority stress” to the lack of religious or familial support, gay men and women often struggle with many external issues in addition to the tribulations of maintaining a healthy relationship. At West Hollywood Psychology we understand that these individual stresses and unfavorable societal conditions are even more of a motivating factor to stay the course and work to keep your respective same sex relationship strong. In fact, it is a testimony to the strength of same-sex couples to remain resilient despite living in a culture that’s not always friendly and understanding. West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy is counseling designed to bring hope to those that have lost their way or have run out of solutions. So how do you know when you and your partner need West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy?


Reasons that couples benefit from West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy :
  • You and your partner no longer feel the excitement you did at the start of your relationship
  • You’re finding it hard to balance work-life with home-life
  • There’s something wrong, but you don’t know whether it’s yourself or your partner causing the conflict
  • Your sex life is lacking or not what it used to be
  • You’ve recently moved in together and can’t adjust to each other’s habits and quirks
  • You’re bored with the relationship
  • External issues such as addictions and familial issues are taking a toll on the relationship


The most important reason for attending West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy is if you or your partner feel things can be better. Perhaps you’re not struggling with one or more of the dramatic reasons listed above; you just want to learn how to communicate in a more productive manner. If so, West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy is the perfect setting for building positive relationship skills that will leave you and your partner feeling fulfilled and happy.


Your relationship can only improve with couple’s therapy

We understand that it’s not always easy to address such conflicts, which is why many couples remain unhappy because they choose to ignore them. Sadly, these issues won’t go away unless they’re discussed and, as a result, some form of compromise can be reached. Couples therapy offers the ideal situation for getting these feelings out and letting the healing begin.

Even in West Hollywood, where attitudes are more liberal than most of the country, gay couples experience bigotry and a feeling of isolation as the result of functioning in a dominant heterosexual culture. Here at WeHo Psychology, we understand all these stresses can take a toll on your relationship. Often, the societal and individual pressures of being a gay man are sometimes unintentionally directed at your partner, which leads to a less than fulfilling relationship.


Dr. Jennifer Oeding, PhD | West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapist

My job as a psychologist is to help lead a conversation between two individuals all while keeping the relationship itself as the primary focus. I won’t team-up or choose sides since couples therapy isn’t about finding out who the bad guy is and giving them the blame. What I will do is offer my expertise as a listener, and help couples realize what is making a relationship stronger and what’s hurting it, and, as a result, couples can begin to build from the positives.

Though the practice itself is no different between gay couples therapy and heterosexual couples therapy, I will take into consideration the socio-cultural impacts and external stresses that are unique to same-sex couples.

If your relationship isn’t everything you believe it could be, then don’t hesitate to contact us. As mentioned before, your relationship woes won’t go away if you don’t address them. Attending West Hollywood couples therapy isn’t the admission of a failed relationship, it’s the start of a new chapter; one in which both partners are happy and fulfilled.


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West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy
West Hollywood Same Sex Couples Therapy