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As our country becomes less heterosexually focused, and more understanding of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgendered individuals, it is important to remember bigotry and hate still exists. As a result, many people in the LGBT community develop issues with depression, anxiety, isolation, and low self-esteem. This is of no fault of their own, as many are victims of abuse, abandonment, and prejudice.

All people face the same basic issues and some need assistance navigating the difficulties in their lifestyles and relationships. West Hollywood LGBT Therapy is designed to provide quality care to those that want to be treated as any contemporary couple in a modern society. We offer exceptional care, and do so in a way that provides constructive and creative solutions to those in same sex couple relationships.

Look at it this way, even as we celebrate such historical advancements as The Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage a constitutional right, a significant percent of the country views the LGBT lifestyle negatively. Furthermore, some individuals and groups choose to make their disapproval vocal, often in a hateful way. As a highly

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Many in the LGBT community lack a consistent support system, which results in a feeling of being alone or unaccepted. This lack of familial or religious support makes it all the more difficult for those in the LGBT community, especially children and adolescents, to face tribulations such as bullying and depression. Sadly, many individuals in the LGBT community grow up hiding their real feelings, which inhibits their ability to be happy.


The tragic reality of LGBT youths

According to The Trevor Project, “LGB youth are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers.” Furthermore, “Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt.”

The ubiquitous bigotry in our country has a significant effect on LGBT youths. Even if an individual has supportive relatives, the cruelty of bullying can leave deep scars that last into adulthood.


Take back control of your life | West Hollywood LGBT Therapy 

As previously stated, many in the LGBT community continue to struggle with scars and traumas from childhood. Even if an individual has come out and found a supportive community, the memories of bullying, abandonment, and isolation remain. For this reason, many LGBT people seek the help of therapy to come to terms with and resolve tribulations from their past. Further, if you’re confused about your sexuality, a therapist can offer a safe, comfortable space for you to discuss your feelings without any fear of prejudice or judgement.

What many need is a trusted ear in which to talk. Even if an LGBT individual comes from a supportive family, they may still need someone to open up to about the effects of living in a not-so-accepting society.

Feeling safe and open to discussing one’s childhood traumas, depression, and relationships can only happen in an accepting environment. That’s why we here at West Hollywood Psychology have established a friendly environment focused on helping our clients. Our therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs, and provide a comfortable and open environment to foster communication and growth. Therapy begins with understanding you and your concerns.


West Hollywood LGBT Therapy is a collaborative relationship 

At West Hollywood Psychology, therapy is a collaborative relationship. Grounded in dialogue and implemented in a safe, supportive setting, therapy offers you the opportunity to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. Together, we will work to identify and change the mental, emotional, and/or behavioral patterns that are preventing you from feeling your best.

Don’t spend another week, month, or year bottling up your feelings and hiding your scars. It’s time to take control of your life and start being happy. With the help of therapy, your confidence and self-worth will grow, resulting in a more fulfilling approach to life and healthier relationships.


Dr. Jennifer Oeding, PhD | West Hollywood LGBT Therapist

I treat a broad range of individual and couples issues, having been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Clinical Psychologist. My special interests include health psychology – helping individuals, couples and family members coping with illness; trauma – providing prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD; and couples therapy – including non-traditional relationships and divorce/co-parenting.

I incorporate an empathetic, practical, and relational style to therapy, with a touch of humor and creativity. When you visit my WeHo Psychology office, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe and trusting space where you can openly discuss your challenges.


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West Hollywood LGBT Therapy
West Hollywood LGBT Therapy