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Life’s many pressures and stressors can take a toll on any relationship, whether healthy or not. Those experiencing mounting resentments or the most minor of disagreements may opt to seek a couples therapist to help ease tensions, reach resolutions or find common ground. West Hollywood Psychology provides compassionate care and professional couples therapy in Los Angeles.

A healthy relationship shouldn’t feel like a roller coaster ride. While ups-and-downs happen with the combining of two lives, there are healthy ways to communicate to relieve stress and realize positive solutions.

Dr. Oeding incorporates an empathetic, practical, and relational style to therapy, with a touch of humor and creativity. When you visit West Hollywood Psychology you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe and trusting space where you can openly discuss your challenges as individuals and as a couple.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is difficult for many reasons

Couples counseling is designed to bring hope to those that have lost their way or have run out of solutions. So how do you know when you and your partner need Couples Counseling?

Reasons that couples benefit by seeking help from a therapist :

  • You and your partner no longer feel the excitement you did at the start of your relationship
  • You’re finding it hard to balance work-life with home-life
  • There’s something wrong, but you don’t know whether it’s yourself or your partner causing the conflict
  • Your sex life is lacking or not what it used to be
  • You’ve recently moved in together and can’t adjust to each other’s habits and quirks
  • You’re bored with the relationship
  • External issues such as addictions and familial issues are taking a toll on the relationship
  • Your relationship is plagued with insecurities and/or problems with trust


On the other hand, perhaps you’re not struggling with one or more of the dramatic reasons listed above; you just want to learn how to communicate in a more productive manner. If so, couples therapy is the perfect setting for building positive relationship skills that will leave you and your partner feeling increasingly fulfilled and happy.

My job as a psychologist is to help lead a conversation between two individuals all while keeping the relationship itself as the primary focus. I won’t team-up or choose sides since couples therapy isn’t about finding out who the bad guy is and giving them the blame. What I will do is offer my expertise as a listener, and help couples realize what is making a relationship stronger and what’s hurting it, and, as a result, couples can begin to build from the positives.

If your relationship isn’t everything you believe it could be, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Seeking the assistance of a skilled therapist isn’t the admission of a failed relationship, it’s the start of a new chapter; one in which both partners are happy and fulfilled.


Dr. Oeding, PhD is a licensed psychologist specializing in individual and couples counseling. She has the knowledge and a gift for helping people make positive changes in their lives. West Hollywood Psychology was started after years of Dr. Oeding’s involvement in hospitals, non-profits and community mental health settings. Her dream was to create a practice that was open and welcoming, where people of all backgrounds, facing any number of challenges can get the help they need.

Dr. Jennifer Oeding treats a broad range of individual and couple’s issues, having been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Clinical Psychologist. Special interests include Couples Therapy – including non-traditional relationships and divorce/co-parenting and Health – helping individuals, couples and family members coping with illness.


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