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Dr. Jennifer Oeding, PhD |

Licensed Psychologist

Hello! I’m a West Hollywood licensed psychologist specializing in individual and couples therapy. In other words, I help people make positive changes in their lives. I started West Hollywood Psychology after years of work in hospital, non-profit, and community mental health settings. My dream was to create a practice that was open and welcoming, providing a safe space for people from all backgrounds, facing any number of life challenges, to get the help they need.

I treat a broad range of individual and couples issues, having been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Clinical Psychologist. My special interests include health psychology – helping individuals, couples and family members coping with illness; trauma – providing prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD; and couples therapy – including non-traditional relationships and divorce/co-parenting.

I incorporate an empathetic, practical, and relational style to therapy, with a touch of humor and creativity. When you visit my WeHo Psychology office, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe and trusting space where you can openly discuss your challenges.

Why Psychology?

What called me to the profession of Psychology is its ability to help people. From volunteering and mentorship in my youth, to my work as an emergency medic in ambulance and hospital settings, my passion for helping others has been a constant force in my life. I came to the field of psychology after years of dedicated service to the communities I’ve been apart of, and my breadth of work in various settings, including public housing, finance, research, management, and education, provide a broad foundation for understanding the struggles people face. I understand that life is complicated and that our problems can snowball if we don’t address them. Being able to help people communicate their struggles, and ultimately resolve them, motivated me to become a psychologist.

A summary of my education:

  • PhD in Psychology, emphasis Clinical Psychology, Fielding Graduate University
  • MA in Psychology, emphasis in Clinical Psychology, Fielding Graduate University
  • MA in Counseling, Dual Specialization as Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Edward’s University
  • BS in Psychology, University of Houston
  • BS in Anthropology, University of Houston

In addition to private practice, I provide services as a research consultant. I’ve been involved in research on Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, domestic violence, punishment, child abuse and neglect, and mother-infant interactions.

I Look Forward to Meeting You

If you have any comments or questions about my approach to therapy or my education/experience, please call.

Professional license number: PSY27290