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The reasons why people choose to go to therapy are numerous. From recent life stressors to long-term struggles with addiction, anxiety or depression, therapy can be a way to increase adaptability, happiness, coping, and overall quality of life. For some, therapy is about treating an identified problem, while others focus on personal growth and general well-being. Either way, therapy can be an important catalyst for positive change.

Our goal here at WeHo Psychology is to help you flourish. We want you to feel confident and happy in your skin. It’s your journey, and we’re here support you. Whether it be individual or couples therapy, we’ve created an atmosphere of hope, acceptance and understanding; you’re among people you can trust when you visit our office.

We know it’s not always easy to take the first step towards beginning therapy. You might be thinking:

“When will I find the time?”

“Do we really need couples therapy?”

“Will a psychologist understand what I’m going through?”

Here’s a simple question: “If not now, when?” Choosing West Hollywood Psychology is not an admission of defeat, it’s deciding to make a positive investment in yourself. It’s entirely natural to be hesitant to seek a little help; but we’re here to listen and provide a safe space for you to explore what matters to you.

We understand what you’re going through

Life is stressful and unpredictable. One day we relish in our job and the next we feel trapped. One day we’re passionately in love and the next the thrill is gone. We often rely on temporary solutions that offer temporary relief. What we need is a chance to find out the real reasons behind our difficulties. Continuing to ignore our challenges only makes them worse. Here’s the good news: you’re not alone. We got into this field of work because we care about people. We want to help you.


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